Viola Davis Lusts For Retribution In The Trailer For ‘Widows’


Fans of Viola Davis will see the Academy Award winning actress in a new light: as a sorrow-stricken, revenge filled widow determined to finish what her husband started.

In the trailer for the Steve McQueen directed crime thriller Widows, Davis stars alongside Fast & Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez, Cynthia Erivo and Elizabeth Debicki as they set out to complete a robbery that killed their law enforcement spouses, which left them with a heavy debt, and take down those responsible for their demise. Carrie Coon is also in the film, however her role reportedly doesn’t agree to participate in the take down.

“Something happened tonight. Something bad. Our husbands aren’t coming back,” Davis’ character says. “We’re on our own. They stole a lot of money, and now people want it from us.”

Filmed in Chicago last year, Davis was spotted reshooting a few scenes in the Windy City this past April. The movie is reportedly an adaptation of a 1980s British television series with the same name. The McQueen film features a stacked cast including a pair of dirty cops played by Atlanta’s Brian Tyree Henry and Get Out’s David Kaluuya. Taken’s Liam Neeson and Colin Ferrel are also in the crime drama.

Davis stars as the ringleader for the women who come from different worlds and convinces them their plan will prevail because their husband’s enemies wouldn’t suspect them as the culprits.

“Now the best thing we have going for us is being who we are…because no one thinks we have the balls to pull this off,” she says.

Widows hits theaters Nov. 16