Virginia School Commemorating Confederate General Renamed Barack Obama Elementary


The Richmond School Board in Virginia has voted to rename an elementary school honoring a Confederate general to Barack Obama Elementary.

The result was reached on Monday (June 18) when the board voted 8-1 to drop the name J.E.B. Stuart Elementary, WRTV reports. Earlier this year, a selection of names were submitted by parents, student and administrators ranging from local civil rights legends like Oliver Hill and Barbara Jones to more sentimental names like Northside and Oliver Hill Elementary.

Nearly 95 percent of the student body is African-American, reflecting the suggestions for the name change. The board’s lone vote against the new name explained how she wanted the new name to give respect to the town’s local legends.

“This is Richmond and we are about history and we have so many great local stories to tell,” Kenya Gibson told the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “Our local stories are so important to cherish.”

This isn’t the first school to be named after the president. Obama has 17 schools named after him with some shared with former first lady Michelle Obama.

Check them out below.

Barack Obama Charter School  (Compton) 2009
Barack Obama Global Preparation Academy  (Los Angeles)  2018
Barack Obama Academy (Oakland) 2009

Barack H. Obama Magnet University School  (New Haven) 2010

Barack H. Obama Elementary Magnet School of Technology (Atlanta) 2017
Barack and Michelle Obama Academy (Atlanta) 2016

Barack Obama Elementary School (Upper Marlboro) 2009

Barack Obama International Baccalaureate Elementary School (Jackson) 2017

Barack Obama Elementary School (Pine Lawn) 2011

Barack and Michelle Obama Service Learning Elementary (Saint Paul, Minnesota) 2009

New Jersey
Barack Obama Academy (Plainfield) 2010
Barack Obama Green Charter High School (Plainfield) 2010

New York
Barack Obama Elementary School (Hempstead) 2010

Barack Obama Elementary School (Maple Heights), 2012

Obama High School (Pittsburgh) 2011

Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy (Dallas) 2011

Barack Obama School for Career and Technical Education (Milwaukee) 2017