Michael B. Jordan Fights For More Than A Title In ‘Creed II’ Trailer

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Adonis Creed is returning to the ring for another match of his life, and this time there’s way more to lose. In the first trailer for Creed II – the second installment of the new generation boxing film, Michael B. Jordan returns as the boxing prodigy to prove to himself and to the world that he is deserving of his name.

Jordan is joined by Sylvester Stallone (who plays the iconic Rocky Balboa) and Tessa Thompson (as Bianca). The trailer appears to pick up several years later, as Adonis attempts to adjust to his newfound fame. With more power and notoriety though, comes great responsibility and demons, and it looks as though Adonis must confront not only the ones in the ring, but the ones on the outside as well.

Ryan Coogler, who reportedly directed and co-wrote the first Creed, has stepped back to a role as executive producer. Sundance’s Steven Caple Jr. has will direct the second film, while Luke Cage showrunner, Cheo Hodari Coker and Stallone reportedly penned the script.

Both Jordan and Thompson have been pretty booked this year. Jordan starred in the record-breaking film Black Panther as Killmonger, which he recently earned him the award for Best Villain at the MTV Awards. Thompson also joined the Marvel world as Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok. The actress is gearing up for the premiere of Sorry to Bother You, starring Atlanta’s Lakeith Stanfield on July 6.

Creed II hits theaters on Nov. 21. Check out the trailer above.