XXXtentacion’s Ex-Girlfriend Surpasses Go Fund Me Goal Days After His Death


Since the death of Geneva Ayala’s former boyfriend XXXtentacion, born Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, she’s been told where to go, how to act and what to feel by the rapper’s fans and online commentators. While the conversation surrounding the Florida artist has been polarized to extremes in the days following his death (June 18), Ayala has found herself trapped between fear, love, and aversion since the beginning of her involvement with XXX two years ago.

In October 2016, Ayala created a Go Fund Me profile to pay for an orbital surgery caused by an aggressive hit. Though XXX was never mentioned in the page description, his link to the injuries was seemingly clear.

Approximately one week after the page’s inception, however, XXXtentacion fans repetitively reported the page for fraud, claiming that she misrepresented the cause of her injuries despite the lack of mention of this name and a $5,000 donation from Onfroy himself.

Almost two years later, Ayala has finally surpassed her $25,000 goal, Billboard reports. Within the last few days, the page has racked up over $10,000 in donations by the means of hundreds of donators. Currently, she has raised a whopping $35,985 with the help of 1,504 people in the last 20 months.

Prior to his death, Onfroy was awaiting trial for aggravated battery against a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, and false imprisonment. The charges were originally filed by Ayala through a graphic 142-page testimony in September 2017.

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