XXXTentacion Memorial Erupts In Chaos In Los Angeles

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Fans have been hosting a series of memorials and candlelight vigils across the country in light of XXXTentacion’s death on June 18. Despite usual reports of peaceful events, the memorial in Los Angeles reportedly erupted in chaos after kids began leaping from the roofs of buildings and disrupting the streets on Wednesday (June 19).

According to reports, hundreds of young fans flocked to Melrose Avenue around 8p.m. PST. The gathering reportedly started peacefully, but as the crowd grew, chaos ensued. Multiple videos were taken at the scene showing fans dangerously jumping off of the roofs of buildings and blocking off major roads.

By 10:00p.m. PST, police officers wearing riot gear were called to the scene where they fired rubber bullets and pepper spray into the crowd whom had begun to throw rocks. Within 30 minutes, authorities were able to gain control of the situation, after which the crowd almost completely dispersed.

Things didn’t seem to end as crazily at the vigil held in New York however. Videos and photos taken on the opposite coast, show fans lighting candles and drawing tributes for the XXX on the sidewalk.

As previously reported, the controversial rapper died on June 18, after suffering from a gunshot wound. The shooting was believed to the be the result of a random robbery, South Florida authorities say.  Police are reportedly on the hunt for two men and are offering a reward of $3,000 for anyone with information about the incident.

Despite XXXTentacion’s troubled past, many of his fans and celebrities are remembering him as a true artist before his time.

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