YG Faces $250K Lawsuit For Alleged Beating And Robbery In Vegas Casino

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YG is facing a serious lawsuit. One man is suing the Cali native for allegedly ordering his crew to beat him up and then stealing his jewelry in a Vegas casino in May 2018, according to TMZ.

The unidentified male alleges he was hanging at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Vegas last month when he spotted YG. When he asked the rapper for a photo, YG declined and began cursing at him. The fan was walking away when he claims YG allegedly ordered his posse to “get him,” documents obtained by TMZ state. The next thing he knew, he was allegedly surrounded by several men who began punching him in the face until he hit the ground.

Following the beating, YG allegedly stepped up to the man and grabbed his gold chain and diamond-encrusted pendant. The rapper and friends then fled the scene.

The man is reportedly suing YG for assault, battery, and theft. He’s asking for at least $250,000 to cover the costs of his stolen property and physical injuries. He’s also seeking legal action against the Cosmopolitan for inadequate security, although it is unclear how much in damages he is looking to collect from the establishment.

YG has not reportedly responded to the lawsuit or allegations at this time.

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