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2 Chainz Plans To Make Pink Trap House A Permanent Atlanta Monument

2 Chainz changed the album rollout game with the creative marketing scheme for his 2017 album Pretty Girls Like Trap MusicImmediately following the release of the album, a number of album-themed “trap” sites including “The Pink Trap House” and “Trap Salon” popped up in Atlanta, offering fans a brand new pink play ground.

While the aesthetically pleasing aspects of the pink inspired locations are undeniable, Chainz offered more to his fans than just Instagram backdrops and album merch. Since it’s repurposing, the house located at 1530 Howell Mill has hosted a number of philanthropical events  for Atlanta residents, including free AIDS testing.

Since 2 Chainz’s contract with the house has come to a close, however, its existence has been threatened regularly. In the latest news, the OG trapper shared his reluctance to the recent news of its scheduled demolition. “I don’t think they would knock down the Statue of Liberty, we need to keep that up,” said 2 Chainz, in reference to the house. “We changed the connotation of trap house from something that was considered negative to something that was considered positive. We held church services, we gave back to the community, we did art activities, we did AIDs testing–all of that.”

“I’m not sure why they wanna knock it down, but I’m all about redirecting the negative stuff into something positive,” he added.

For those who remember, 2 Chainz is a firm believer that the show must go on, proven by his pink wheelchair during the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music tour. So if it’s truly in his hands, “the Eiffel Tower of Atlanta” will easily become Atlanta’s next permanent monument. If there’s a will there’s a way.

Watch the rapper’s conversation with TMZ below.

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