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50 Cent Denies Mocking Terry Crews About His Sexual Assault Allegations

In June 2018, 50 Cent received backlash after he openly mocked Terry Crews, whom had just testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about his alleged sexual assault that took place at a Hollywood party. While 50’s words on social media appeared to make light of the actor’s allegations, the rapper was singing a much different tune during his appearance on The View on Tuesday (July 17). During the discussion, 50 denied that he was making fun of Crews or any victim of sexual assault.

“I would never make fun of any sexual-assault victim,” Fif said. According to the rapper, his post on Instagram – in which he shared two memes of the actor that suggested he is too strong to be raped – was shared prematurely.

“I wasn’t looking at Terry Crews that way at that point. I’m looking at the Hulk, the guy that’s this big [mimics Crews’s muscular build] being taken advantage of,” he explained. “When the males that are here now, if you ask them if someone touched them without their consent, would they go, ‘Yo, whatchu doing?’ [Jerks back.] Nothing more but ‘Whatchu doing?’ And in the Senate, when [Crews] was talking about it, he said he didn’t even respond by doing that.”

Whoopi Goldberg then interjected: “Because he was in shock.” 50 replied: “I wouldn’t be prepared for that either. Y’all would be bailing me out.”

As previously reported, Terry Crews’s case is no laughing matter. In the midst of the Me Too movement, the Sorry to Bother You actor revealed that he had been groped by a Hollywood executive named Adam Venit in 2016. He reportedly kept the allegations private for the past two years in fear that the exec would seek retaliation.

Watch the video above to hear 50 Cent’s full thoughts on Terry Crews and the backlash he received.

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