Barack Obama Among ‘Best Presidents’ In New Poll


He may have been out of office for a year, but we still can’t get enough. According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, Americans named Barack Obama among one of the best U.S. Presidents in our lifetime.

The survey reveals that 44 percent of Americans believe Obama was the best or the second-best president of their lifetimes. In 2011, it was found that just 20 percent of people who were polled thought that Obama was the best or second best.

Elsewhere in the poll, 33 percent of those asked believe that Bill Clinton was best or second best, while Ronald Reagan garnered 32 percent of pollsters who see him as number one or number two in their lifetime. Current Oval Office occupier Donald Trump saw 19 percent of respondents who believe he’s the best or second best.

It depends on who was asked that determined the overall results. U.S. News writes that “Millennials, ages 22 to 37, were more likely than other generations to list Obama as the best or second best president, at 62 percent, with Gen Xers, ages 38 to 53, second most likely at 41 percent.” The “silent generation” and baby boomers were more likely to choose Reagan as the best or second best.