Minnesota Teens Held At Gunpoint Speak Out: “I Was Scared He Was Going To Shoot Me”


A group of black teenage boys handcuffed and detained by police in Minnesota have finally spoken out. In a video that has gone viral, the teens describe their encounter with law enforcement after someone placed a 911 call alleging one of them had a weapon.

“They pulled a gun in my face, and I was scared,” said 14-year-old Suhaib Ahmed to Minneapolis outlet Kare 11. “One was shaking and I was scared that he was going to shoot me.”

Multiple witnesses say an older white teenager attacked the group of boys playing in the park. The eyewitnesses say the unknown white teen had a knife, a garbage can and a stick as he hurled racial slurs at the Somalian-American teens.

Bystanders reportedly interfered and deescalated the situation.  The white teen reportedly fled, but not before his girlfriend called 911 and alleged the four black teens had a weapon.

The video shows the officers telling witnesses to leave as they point their guns at the teenage boys. Initially, Minnesota Park Police said they “unholstered” their gun, but soon recanted their original statement saying the gun was pointed in the”general area” of the four teens.

Abdijabar Ahmed, 13, expressed a similar fear when speaking about the nearly fatal encounter.

“I was scared. I thought that would be my last day of the world.” he said.

Minnesota Park Police have reportedly hired an outside investigator to look into the situation and a representative from the parks have reached out to the families to apologize.

In recent months, white men and women calling police on black civilians for seemingly arbitrary instances have been pushed to the forefront. A white woman called the cops on a black female Yale grad student for sleeping in the common area, while another white woman called authorities on an 8-year-old girl selling water.

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