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Black Woman Author Recounts Scary Police Encounter At Her Home

Mistreatment and insensitivity at the hands of police hasn’t stop dominating headlines over the past few years. Based on 2018’s track record, it doesn’t seem like it will slow down in the near future either, whether the tense police run-ins occur at public pools or on private property.

In Tomi Adeyemi’s case, the encounter was at her own front door. Yesterday (July 12), The New York Times best-selling author, who penned Children of Blood and Bone—the 24-year-old’s fantasy novel was also acquired by FOX 2000 in a seven figure-book deal—experienced four armed officers showing up on her doorstep, demanding to speak to someone inside even though they did not have a warrant at the time. When she asked for it, one of the officers immediately became hostile, threatening to kick her door down.

Adeyemi tried to explain how problematic of an experience it is for four police officers with guns to show up to one black woman’s doorstep after so many black bodies have been laid to rest because of them, but they weren’t hearing it. They even cracked a joke about “not seeing color” and also being discriminated against before leaving her alone.

She documented all of their intimidation tactics and her tearful reaction to them on Twitter.

We’re glad she walked away from the situation safe and sound.

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