Blocboy JB’s New Dance Moves Are Like “Woah”


Blocboy JB’s energy is always entertaining, and so is his new video for “Woah.” Shot by Ali Productions, the visual features the Memphis, Tenn.-bred artist looking dapper while two-stepping through a plush mansion.

It’s not known whether or not “Woah” will be included on an upcoming Blocboy JB project. But we do know that “Woah” wasn’t on the rookie rapper’s 18-song Simi mixtape, released in May.

Shortly before the release of Simi, named after a deceased friend, Blocboy spoke to VIBE about the value of black life and fatherhood.

“N***as don’t want to fight now. They want to shoot, shoot, shoot,” BlocBoy said. “Where I’m from, what’s a little to you is a lot to them. A thousand dollars, a n***a will kill for that. N***as just don’t care. Before you know it, you caught up in that way of thinking also—if that’s all you know.”

“You’re a man before anything. You don’t need a father,” Bloc continued. “I know people that don’t have a father who are nice as hell, and very successful. Some people have fathers, and they end up in prison or on drugs or in and out of jail, doing everything they see their father do in the streets. It depends on what type of father you have in your life. Sometimes your own father can be the reason you’re fu**ed up.”

Watch the video for “Woah” above.

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