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Cardi B Responds To Backlash Over $548,736.97 Lamborghini Purchase

Cardi B can’t get a break.

With fame comes a number of problems us regular people can’t wrap our head around, and Cardi is tired of it. Shortly after flexing her new whip on social media, haters came flocking to her mentions– some questioning the fiscal responsibility of the purchase, but most doubting Cardi’s ability to purchase the car in the first place.

While not her first choice, Bardi fired off a couple of tweets bragging about about her brand new half-million-dollar toy–an electric blue Aventador convertible, the counterpart to Offset’s lime green model–before she addressed all the hate.

In a now deleted tweet, Cardi arguably did some oversharing to prove her point. Posting a screenshot of her latest bank statement, the “I Like It” rapper let her haters know exactly who they were talking to.

“Wait what happened i leased what? When you go to Wells Fargo and withdraw your whole car payment. Don’t play with me,” read the tweet with the receipts to prove it. Among a few deposits, spa day treatments and waffle house charges was a fat $548,736.97 withdrawal very obviously for the new Lambo.

#CardiB wants you to know she bought her new Lambo straight cash

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Still, people weren’t feeling the purchase nor Cardi’s showing off.

Not everyone can relate to having the financial stability to settle on a six-figure purchase.

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