Cardi B Countersues Former Manager, Claims “Abuse Of Trust”


Cardi B has filed a $15 million counter-suit against her former manager Klenord “Shaft” Raphael.

According to Variety, Cardi’s suit claims Shaft made several attempts to “maintain control over her,” and tried to have a say in who she was romantically linked to.  Shaft started to manage Cardi’s career in 2014, and he reportedly had a helping hand in getting her a spot on the cast of Love & Hip Hop.

“As Cardi B’s star rose, ‘so too did Shaft’s greed,’” says the suit. “Shaft proved increasingly willing to take advantage of, deceive and exploit Ms. Almanzar, and he had the ability to do so through complete control over all legal documents and virtually every dollar that Ms. Almanzar earned in the entertainment business.”

Cardi also claims that Shaft was “negligent” in record-keeping responsibilities; the suit reads that a proper accounting of funds was not kept.

“Shaft and/or KSR eventually prepared rough, cryptic spreadsheets for individual performance dates in 2017, which failed to include much of the most basic expense information necessary to determine whether even these inadequate sketches were accurate or reliable,” reads the site.

In April 2018, Shaft sued the “I Like It” rapper for $10 million. He claims he was shut out of helping her with her growing career, and she “repeatedly defamed him.” Cardi is now represented by Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “Pee” Thomas, which the suit says arose “out of the deceitful and disloyal conduct of a self-serving and controlling personal manager.”