D.L. Hughley Recalls When Cops Called Him N-Word When He Was 8 Years Old


When D.L. Hughley isn’t inciting LOLs from crowds across the nation, the comic uses his platform to speak about the current political climate. On Wednesday (July 12) Hughley stopped by The View to promote his new book How To Not Get Shot, and detail his first encounter with law enforcement.

Hughley said when he was 8 years old he and his best friend were walking in Los Angeles when a squad car stopped and asked them about a suspect involved in a crime neither knew anything about.

“I’m walking down the street, me and my best friend, and police screech up to us and ask ‘Where’s such and such?’ We said, ‘We don’t know!’.”

The officer ordered Hughley to place his hands on the roof of the hot cop car, Hughley, however, was hesitant because he didn’t want to burn his hands. The cop didn’t care and told Hughley if he doesn’t follow his orders, he’ll kill him.

“’N-word, if you take your hand off this car, I’m going to blow your head off,” Hughley recalled of the scary encounter.

Hughley’s scary brush with the LAPD made him think of the many encounters black and brown citizens have with law enforcement, including 10-year-old Michael Thomas Jr who urinated on himself during an interaction with Chicago police in June.

“We’ve been murdered for reading, for looking somebody in the eye, for whistling at somebody,” Hughley said. “The murder of black people at the hands of people of authority has always happened… police [are] doing what they’ve always done, which is … keeping you in your community where you belong.”

Watch Hughley’s sit down with the ladies of The View below.

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