You’re Welcome: How To Play Spades, According To One Twitter User


Somewhere down the generational line, someone forgot to teach the kids how to play Spades.  For those who are unfamiliar with what Spades is, it’s a popular card game frequently played during summer functions such as cookouts and family reunions.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a whole generation of folks who are totally clueless when it comes to playing the popular card game. If you happen to be one of those sad folks, you’re in luck because one Twitter user outlined how to play in a now-viral thread on Twitter.

One Twitter user, @Rxmsxy, laid out the ins and out of the games on Twitter on July 7. “Since y’all parents and uncles and aunties failed tf outta you, i’m gonna teach you losers how to play spades. everyone tends to play it a little different so i’m gonna start with the basics and add on extra shit at the end,” he said before diving into the basics.

In the 25-part tweet, he explains how you work with a team, how to bid, renege, cut, and what each card essentially stands for. “52 cards are used in the game. All the regular cards MINUS the 2 of Hearts/2 of Clubs. They are replaced by the two JOKER cards. One being the “Big” joker, the other the “Lil” joker,” he explains.

“They’re super fun, super competitive, there’s been fights at family bbqs over spades games lmaoo niggas do not play,” he said, concluding his lesson.

Check out the thread below, and catch up before the next family and/or friends gathering. (And if you’re wondering why you were never taught in the first place, watch the funny, yet truthful video above by comedian Kev On Stage for an explanation.)