Kamala Harris Will Be Kicking Off Her 2019 With Brand-New Book


Kamala Harris, the California-bred senator known for her poignant critiques about the goings-on of the U.S. government, will soon have another piece of literature to add to her bookshelf—one all her own. In addition to being a historic political figure—she was the second black woman elected to the Senate—by 2019, Harris will have also been a two-time author.

Penguin Random House announced that Harris will be releasing The Truths We Hold: An American Journey on January 8, 2019. According to Penguin, the new biography/memoir will offer readers “a master class in problem solving, in crisis management, and leadership in challenging times,” told through the lens of her own life and personal and professional journeys. When it releases, The Truths We Hold will be available for $30.

As established before, The Truths We Hold isn’t her first foray as an author. The hardcover will be the follow-up to her 2009 book, Smart on Crimethe book was written with Joan O’C. Hamilton—which details what she feels are necessary shifts to increase public safety and strengthen communities when it comes to how law enforcement officials handle crime.

Congratulations on book number two, Ms. Harris.

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