Kid Cudi Talks Being In A Positive Space Since Depression Battle In ‘Billboard’ Cover Story


In 2016, Kid Cudi shared a somber Facebook post that detailed his bouts with depression, stating that was stepping away for some time to regroup and enter rehab. Since that period, Cudi, born Scott Mescudi, has re-entered the limelight and reassured his fans that life is shining brighter than before.

In Billboard’s latest cover story, the “Day ‘n’ Nite” rapper is beaming with positivity as he looks towards a promising future with his family and his music. It wasn’t until he turned 34 this year that he realized he’s in a good space. “I’m the best I’ve ever been in my life,” he said. “I realized I was genuinely happy, and there’s nothing really going on in particular. Just being 34, to be still doing what I love.” He also revealed that he’s working on a television show that’ll be produced by Get Out’s Jordan Peele’s production company.

Recently, Cudi re-teamed with his longtime collaborator, Kanye West, to debut their first collaborative album, Kids See Ghosts. The seven-song soundscape was fine-tuned in Wyoming alongside other G.O.O.D. Music projects helmed by West that were released in late-May and throughout June. During the process, Cudi reignited his love of art and music since he dropped 2016’s Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’.

“I think me and Kanye are always gonna make awesome sh*t together,” he said. “We just have this chemistry that’s undeniable, especially when we have to fight for it with each other.” The pair did engage in a public spat two years ago, but Kids See Ghosts proves they haven’t skipped a beat within their musical relationship. Cudi also said the album took “a little over a year and a half” to get it moving and shared a conversation he had with Jaden Smith about the process.

“…it was still the pressure of going toe to toe, line for line with Ye, and that was heavy for me,” Cudi admitted. The Man On The Moon also mentioned that he didn’t know whether or not to take West seriously when he presented the idea to him, but once they hit the ground running, there was no stopping. “Months went by, and we just kept working on it and chiseling away at it,” he said. “It was funny to us when people were talking about how the album was rushed or last-minute. I knew what it took. I was there the whole time.”

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