Lala Anthony Surprises Slain Bronx Teen’s Older Sister With Graduation Party


Last week, Lala Anthony spent her birthday in the BX visiting Lesandro “Junior’s” Family. Through a simple Instagram connection, her and Melo were able to connect with the slain teen’s family to do all they could to help keep them strong. Since then, it appears Lala has made some forever friends.

After hearing the news that Junior’s older sister, Genesis, couldn’t make it to her high school graduation due to the fatal stabbing of her younger brother. Lala once again extended out a hand to the family – this time to rightfully celebrate Genesis’ accomplishments.

During Sunday (July 1) night’s celebration, a happy Genesis was surrounded by genuine support and love. Having met the actress only a week prior, the gesture was completely heartwarming.

In an IG post by Lala, the Brooklyn native expressed just how much love she has for the Genesis and the rest of her family.

“It’s a celebration!!! Juniors sister, Genesis, @__octobersveryown__ graduated high school but couldn’t even go because of what happened to her little brother💔We surprised her with little celebration. Let’s go show her MAJOR love and support for graduating high school and being so strong during this time 🙏🏽🙏🏽she’s one in a million!! Love u Gen from the first time we met 😘😘 FOREVER IN MY HEART ❤️#justiceforjunior#postivevibesonly (I posted it cuz she did and we need to celebrate people while they are here!!!)”

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After the celebration, Genesis also posted on her Instagram account to thank Lala for everything she’s done.

“Thank you so much @lala for giving me a genuine smile throughout these hard times . I’m so glad that I have real friends by my side that I can count on for anything . You’re an amazing person with a heart of gold and I will appreciate you forever , thank you for making me feel so special . Love you girl ❤️💓”

We’re happy to see the family finally enjoying some well deserved happiness and smiles.

These made me sooo happy 🎂😓❤️ . Can’t wait to cut this

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