LeBron James Explains Why He Regrets Naming His Son After Him On ‘The Shop’

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Being LeBron James’ son is a lofty title to live up to, and it’s likely even more difficult when you are also named LeBron James. The newest player on the Los Angeles Lakers will be featured on the first episode of his HBO talk show The Shop, which is set to premiere on Aug. 28. The premise of the show, which was originally featured on his digital site “Uninterrupted,” centers around celebrities discussing life while in a barber shop.

In the show’s debut episode, James discusses how he regrets naming his now 14-year-old son LeBron, because of the expectations people believe he’ll have to live up to because of his famous father.

“I still regret giving my 14-year-old my name because of that,” James says of his choice. “When I was younger, I didn’t have a dad, so, my whole thing was when I have a kid, not only is he gonna be a junior, I’m gonna do everything that this man didn’t do. They’re gonna experience things that I didn’t experience. The only thing I can do is give them the blueprint, and it’s up to them to take their own course whenever that time comes.”

James also divulged on what it’s like to watch his sons play basketball from the sidelines during their own games and tournaments. He admits he had to apologize to his mother, who he got upset at when he was younger for being a sideline coach. Now, he’s the same way.

“Watching my boys play ball, last year was the first year I really had some time to watch them play in the summer, like really sat down, went to four or five tournaments,” he explains of being a spectator. “I’m sitting there and I’m watching the game, and I feel my hands just start sweating, I feel my chest start sweating. I’m like, what is this? 10-year-olds out here hooping, why you feeling like this? Then it went from just sitting there…then it went from me sitting on the bench to me getting in an argument.”

Watch some snippets of the debut episode below and catch the full premiere episode on August 28 at 11 pm ET on HBO.

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