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Lucy McBath, Jordan Davis’ Mother, Wins Georgia House Democratic Nomination

Nine months after Trayvon Martin was profiled and killed, 17-year-old Jordan Davis was murdered by Michael Dunn for playing loud music in his car in Florida. Six years later, Jordan’s mother Lucy McBath has won the Democratic House nomination in Georgia’s Congressional 6th District.

McBath, a passionate gun control activist, told CNN she was inspired to enter the race after seeing the courage and activism of the Parkland shooting survivors.

“What I began to recognize is that I can keep helping to build this national movement and organize for gun violence prevention,” McBath said. “But you’ve got to have people on the inside that are willing to do the work, creating the bills and initiatives, who will push the issue.

You’ve got to have gun-sense champions on the inside. Until I’m able to create real, hard, systemic change, broad change that saves a large number of lives, there’s no justice. We’ve got children dying in the classroom. Where’s the justice in that?”

After Jordan’s death, McBath was thrust onto the public stage, along with other mothers who have lost their children to gun violence. Known as “Mothers of The Movement” McBath also helped to campaign for Hillary Clinton.

McBath reportedly defeated business owner Kevin Abel in the runoff election and will now go against Republican Rep. Karen Handel in November. One of the goals for McBath is to become a supporter in Washington for future student activists.

“I’m still a mother. I’m still parenting. That’s why I believed this was the time to stand up,” McBath said.

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