Michael Jackson’s Nephew Isn’t Feeling Drake’s “Don’t Matter To Me”


Austin Brown, the nephew of the late-Michael Jackson, is none too pleased with the use of his uncle’s unreleased track on Drake’s record-breaking fifth album, Scorpion.

Brown, who is the son of the eldest Jackson child Rebbie, was captured by TMZ’s cameras and asked about if he listened to and enjoyed Drizzy’s song “Don’t Matter To Me.” The vocals, which as slightly altered, are reportedly from an unreleased 1983 recording session with Paula Anka.

“I mean, I’m not okay with it,” Brown told the site’s cameras. “I mean, but Drake’s talented.”

Brown later elaborated on why he’s not gung-ho on the 6 God’s take, stating that if his uncle wasn’t finished with the track, Drake shouldn’t be able to have his way with it.

“I just feel like, if he didn’t finish it, you shouldn’t use it,” he explained. “[Drake is] an artist. Everything he made … [I] respect the artist, I just don’t feel like it’s okay to use someone’s vocals and change them.”

The Internet is also under the impression that the MJ vocals are mixed in with the vocals of none other than The Weeknd. Either way, the decision to use Jackson’s track is not something Brown is too pleased about.

“It’s music at the end of the day,” he concluded. “It’s art. I’m not gonna say [it’s] taking advantage [of Michael Jackson], [but] I wouldn’t do it.”

Watch his comments below.