Nick Cannon Fires Back At Azealia Banks After ‘Wild ‘N Out’ Incident


Nick Cannon is wishing Azealia Banks well after the musician made some crude comments towards him on her Instagram Stories. According to Banks, several “pre-planned colorist jokes” were made at her expense during a scheduled performance on Cannon’s show Wild ‘N Out.

In a post that was seen on her Story, Banks brought Cannon’s Lupus diagnosis into the mix, stating that if she were to say something about his disease, she’d be painted out to be the bad guy.

“If I were to make fun of Nick Cannon for having Lupus and being weak and sickly…If I made a joke that said he’d be dead by the end of the year…Then Azealia Banks is the bad guy…right?”

Cannon posted a screenshot of the screenshot of the story, offering a prayer to the “Anna Wintour” musician.

“Don’t you hate when you create your own storms but forget your umbrella???” he wrote. “@azealiabanks We are praying for you Queen #speedyrecovery#Healing She #Wildnout for real…#Karma.”

Azealia Banks has also reportedly cancelled the release of her album Fantasea II after the incident. In a now-deleted post from her Instagram story, the musician wrote “Album is cancelled. I need some time to relax and bounce on d**k. I’ll release new music when I feel like it…”

Banks also reportedly set up a GoFundMe page to sue Russell Crowe for allegedly assaulting her and spitting on her in 2016.