Premiere: Mass Appeal’s Newest Signee Cantrell Releases “Keep Yappin” Video


Mass Appeal Records has inked another promising MC to the label–Cantrell, who is set to release his official debut Stardust 2 Angels on Aug. 24. But first, the Albany, GA rapper connected with VIBE to premiere his visuals for “Keep Yappin.”

The video finds Cantrell moving through his hometown as he attempts to put the pieces of his music career together by pulling off a heist.

We briefly spoke with the rookie rapper about “Keep Yappin,” his deal with Mass Appeal, and Stardust 2 Angels.

What’s the inspiration behind “Keep Yappin”?
For me, the record sort of summarizes the overall journey that the project represents. It was directly inspired by how I felt when people around seemed to be turning on me or turning away from me. I try to maintain nothing but positive vibes, so eventually it reminded me of all of the times I felt held back or counted out.

How would you describe Stardust 2 Angles?
A journey. The project encapsulates both the physical and emotional journey from a small southern town to the City of Angels. Stardust, my hometown skating rink, represents home and a place of comfort where one would dream of what they could become. And Los Angeles, the City of Angels, represents the destination, vision, and realization of a dreamer’s work. I recorded it in LA, so my physical journey from Albany to Los Angeles is a universal symbol of the risks we have to take to get where we’re trying to go.

Besides Nas, why’d you decided to join forces with Mass Appeal?
It simply felt right… it felt like home from the beginning. I’ve been a fan of the platform for a while and since the creation of the label, it’s just apparent that they care about the artists, the art, and the culture.

Stardust 2 Angles can be pr-ordered here.

Watch the video above.