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Premiere: Illingsworth And Open Mike Eagle Vent About Their “Peeves”

Everyone has things that annoy them or piss them off, and Detroit producer/rapper Illingsworth teamed with Open Mike Eagle to share their “Peeves” in today’s VIBE premiere.

The track opens with Open Mike Eagle unloading about bad mixing, subtweets, and inconsiderate car passengers over a fun, quirky soundbed of electronic bleeps and melodic keys by Illingsworth. The second verse sees Illingsworth taking the mic himself to vent about messy granola bars, and people who carry on phone conversations while waiting in line at the store. All of their pet peeves are very specific, but that’s what makes the song dope–everyone’s annoyances are unique to them.

“Peeves” is the lead single off Illingworth’s upcoming Mello Music Group debut You’re No Fun, set to drop everywhere September 28. Like the track, the album will focus heavily on instrumentals while also containing several vocal tracks.

The album finds clever ways to be new and exciting with instrumentals ranging from contemplative to effervescent. Illingworth’s main goal is to create a direct connection with his fans and listeners. “You’re No Fun is a musical invitation to live in the moment, every moment, whether playful or painful,” he told VIBE.

Featuring appearances from Open Mike Eagle, Denmark Vessey and Illingsworth himself, the 17-track album moves naturally in and out of lush instrumentals and alternative musicianship.

Preorder You’re No Fun today and stream “Peeves” above.

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