Premiere: Maxine Ashley Walks Through The “Storm”


Maxine Ashley oozes creative energy and her boldness bleeds through the song bird’s music. Today (July 6), the Bronx-born crooner joins for the premiere of her resilient music visuals for “Storm.”

The black-and-white treatment finds the queen looking artsy and dancing freely in the rain while using her hypnotizing voice, and beauty, to proclaim stoicism, and non-conforming lifestyle.

“After all the bullshit you can see I’m blooming/Nothing I can’t handle, I’m a rolling stone/Even through the pressure I just keep it moving,” Ashley sings.

If you’re not already, familiarize yourself with Maxine’s work by checking our her previously released EPs– Mood Swings and Paranoid.  

During an 2016 interview with Vogue, the bubbling singer highlighted her musical influences.

“Growing up it was India Arie, Alicia Keys and a lot of salsa,” she said. :Then the wonderful world of the internet came along and I started doing my own research and fell in love with every style of music, beats and writing more than the actual artist. I think that any artist that is extremely talented and can get there voice be heard is influential.”

Watch Maxine’s self-directed video above.