Watch The New Poignant Trailer For ‘I AM Paul Walker’ Documentary

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I AM Paul Walker is a new feature length documentary on the life of the late Paul Walker. The film will debut on Paramount Networks on Saturday, Aug. 11.

The newly released trailer of the documentary showcases never before seen footage of Walker as a young teen, and glimpses inside his childhood journey into adulthood.  There also interludes of those who knew him most giving heartfelt interviews and commentary about the actor’s life.

“He was a big kid,” said his brother Cody Walker. Most described him as someone who lived life on his own terms, and wasn’t easily influenced in matters of opinion. He was always going to do everything his way.

Nonetheless, he was also described has the ultimate humanitarian, who did so much for the world—yet all of this couldn’t possibly just be captured through a film camera geared towards a cinematic lens.

Walker died at age 40 in a car crash close to Lon Angeles in 2013. He was survived by his daughter, Meadow Walker.

“If you loved him the way that we did, you would say well why him and not us?” Tyrese said of his Fast and The Furious co-star.

Watch the heartfelt trailer below.