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Andre 3000 Has Heartwarming Encounter With Woman Wearing A Shirt With Him On It

A young woman named Tiana got the surprise of her life while hanging out in the Soho section of Manhattan, N.Y. on Wednesday (Aug. 29). Tiana ran into one of her favorite musicians and “mf idol” Andre 3000 as he was leaving a coffee shop; coincidentally enough, she was wearing a shirt with him on it.

“Walking down a silent block in Soho – Andre 3k (my mf hero) walks out of a coffee shop as I’m passing,” she wrote. “‘Oh my God you’re on my shirt rn.’ He was acting just as hype as me, which maximized my level of happiness/excitement x10000. What a good day.” The shirt features Andre in the jumpsuit he wore for Outkast’s 2014 reunion tour; the print on the shirt reads, “Across cultures, darker people suffer more. Why?”

To make the encounter even more heartwarming, Tiana wrote that Mr. Benjamin also took pictures of her posing in her shirt with his face on it.

“One of the most exciting parts about this moment was that he actually took two photos of me posing in the shirt,” she continued. “His energy was absolutely amazing though. I just wish I could explain the pause I took as he floated out of the damn coffee shop on this calm a** street lol.”

Gotta love a positive fan encounter with a positively pleasant person.

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