New Political Party Wants Busta Rhymes And LL Cool J To Run For Governor

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Members of the hip-hop community are reportedly expressing more frustration with the lack of consideration for “urban issues” in America’s political landscape. In hopes to change that, political leaders are pushing to form a new political party for upcoming state elections, which would be called the New American Party. To lead the new line and movement, people are putting their faith in Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J to run for governor.

Jineea Butler, founder of the Hip-Hop Union and Republican congressional candidate, is the mastermind pushing the New American Party forward, The New York Post reports. Butler confirmed that she has spoken to Busta about potentially running for  governor on the line, but he has not committed at this time. She has also reportedly reached out to LL Cool J, although she has not gotten a reply.

“We’re looking for somebody that can energize the vote so we can clear the 50,000 votes (needed to secure a guaranteed ballot line the next four years) and someone who resonates with millennials and young folks,” Butler said. “We’re juggling a bunch of candidates we can look at from the hip hop community.”

Butler also stated that the new political party intends to use the same principles that helped build hip-hop into the most dominant genre in music and pop culture to influence change and close economic disparities in America. “Hip hop changed the world 40, 45 years ago when it started. It just gave people an absolute freedom of speech,” she explained. “We want to use that same principle with a strong agenda that addresses economic disparity and prosperity-driven initiatives. This would work right now in America. America needs something else. We’re fighting against each other. We’ve come too far in this country to go back to racism. Hip hop brought people together.”

To build support around the New American Party, members have passed around petitions, which have garnered more than 15,000 signatures. Assisting wth the initiative is Eric B. of the legendary hip-hop group Eric B. & Rakim. “Part of what we want to show is that we can pull out large numbers in a short amount of time, that people can get involved in the political spectrum, and it’s worth the investment into the opportunity,” Butler added.


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