Dascha Polanco Flaunts Natural Curves In Nude Shoot For ‘Women’s Health’


Earlier this week, jaws dropped when Dascha Polanco shared a few photos in her birthday suit on Instagram. The photos hold a special meaning for the Orange is the New Black star, who expanded on the importance of body positivity with Women’s Health. 

Released Wednesday (Aug. 8) for their “Naked Truth” issue, the mother of two dished on her journey to confidence with her craft and most importantly, her curves. “I got to a point where I wished I could cut off my rolls with scissors,” she said. “I would grab at my thighs and say, ‘Ugh, I hate you, you’re ugly, I don’t like you! Oh my God, I just want to get rid of this!’ But talking to myself that way never made me feel better, just guilty.”

Following the birth of her children 16 years ago provided the stunning actress with more love and acceptance for her body. “I wanted to instill in my kids self-acceptance and a sense of self-love.” she said. “I wanted them to know they’re unique and that that’s what makes them beautiful. I wanted them to be confident, and I knew I had to model that.”

Polanco previously shared with VIBE VIVA similar sentiments and how traditional film roles aren’t catered to women like herself.

“I’m not a size zero, and I’m very transparent when it comes to that. I’m not your cookie cutter actress. I am full of curves, not sample-sized,” she said. “So the issue with that is a lot of roles are not designed or designated for a Latina. Or a Dominican. Or a woman like me.”

Unafraid and dignified, it’s always refreshing to get a chance to absorb Polanco’s lovable energy.

Check out the photos below and the full Women’s Health piece here.

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