#ShoeGate: Dru Hill Explains Photoshop Fail, Proposes Hilarious Challenge


Dru Hill’s rollout with their new members hasn’t gone unnoticed thanks to a poorly photoshopped pair of sneakers.

Fans and critics got in on the fun Friday (Aug. 10) when we shared the news behind the now R&B supergroup consisting of Jawann “Smoke” Peacock and Benjamin “Black” Bush of Playa. A photo sent to VIBE featured all the members but fans quickly pointed out Smoke’s shoes, which happened to be edited into the shot.

Speaking to VIBE, Smoke explains the very funny story behind the photoshop fail. There’s no love lost against the photographers from the shoot since the group pic wasn’t intended to be a full body shot.

“First of all, I want to say that this had nothing to do with the photographers of Ross Multimedia Group,” he said. “Our Director of Digital Media wasn’t aware of that and made the decision to edit in the shoes.”

The jokes flew through the internet over the weekend as other flubs were noticed like Sisqo’s additional fingers.

“It just goes to show how observant Dru Hill fans are because they noticed it,” Smoke added. “Although, I have to say… it is hilarious! Nevertheless, the love is overwhelming and now the world knows we’re coming; Mission accomplished.”

Smoke and Black joined the group on the heels of the departure of Larry “Jazz” Anthony. With a new look and more eyes on them, the group has decided to have fun with the fail through a photoshop challenge.

Check out their response below.

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