Eric Benet Says R&B Isn’t Dead, It’s Whitewashed

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Eric Benet is joining the conversation about the current state of R&B. The singer recently sat down with Van Lathan on The Red Pill Podcast on Aug. 7, where he claimed the music genre was being whitewashed.

According to Benet, the music industry is prioritizing white R&B artists over black singers. “The art form that I fell in love with is not dying. It’s still there,” he said. “It seems like they want to hear it, but they want to hear it more when it’s not from black people.” Lathan later chimed in with examples of artists like Adele and Sam Smith getting more global recognition than say, Kenny Lattimore.

Benet’s latest hot-take on R&B comes briefly after he criticized various artists in the hip-hop community. The singer posted a message on Instagram on Monday (Aug. 6), claiming that rappers are benefiting from white supremacy by promoting the murder of black people, degradation of women, and drug abuse. Fat Joe later responded to Benet’s comments, saying, “we have different rappers for different messages. It’s all entertainment. If you’re going to go and live your life behind a rap song, then you’re the fool.”

Listen to a clip from Eric Benet’s interview on The Red Pill Podcast below.

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