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Ex-College Student Gets A Year In Jail For Lying About Being Raped By Black Athletes, Rolls Her Eyes In Court

Nikki Yovino showed no remorse at her sentencing. 

A former college student was sentenced to a year in jail for lying about being raped by two black athletes. Showing zero remorse for her actions, 20-year-old Nikki Yovino, rolled her eyes during her sentencing in Connecticut's Bridgeport Superior Court Thursday (Feb. 23).

Yovino, a former student at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn., had consensual sex with two football players in 2016. After the encounter, which reportedly took place in a bathroom during a party, Yovino claimed rape to garner sympathy from a love interest. She confessed three months later, after police found inconsistencies in her statements.

Yovino initially tried to avoid jail by claiming mental illness. In June, Yovino accepted a deal to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of falsely reporting an incident and interfering with police. Under the agreement, Yovino’s three-year sentence will be suspended after she completes a year in jail, followed by three years of probation.

During the sentencing, Yovino appeared annoyed, staring blankly, rolling her eyes and shifting her weight from one foot to the other.

Her lawyer denies that she rolled her eyes in court, calling the story an attempt at clickbait. “The judge neither reprimanded her, nor commented on her demeanor, despite sitting directly in front of her," attorney Ryan O'Neill said. ”Nikki had been cuffed with her hands behind her back for almost 30 minutes, and had to stand the entire time. She has long hair, and at times tried to get it out of her face. During the hearing, her eyes moved in innocuous ways on occasion, and nothing more. In fact, some of the so-called eye rolls were done when nothing of consequence was going on.”

Both of Yovino’s victims were given the opportunity to speak during the hearing. An attorney read a statement on behalf of one of the men, while the other addressed Yovino in court. “My life has been altered and shaped in ways that no one could imagine,” he said while explaining how he went from a college student to being expelled with no way to clear his name. Although the ex-football players were never arrested, both men were forced to out of the University during an investigation into the sexual assault allegations.

Yovino could face a lawsuit from the victims.

“I never really had an opportunity to even speak my own justice,” the man continued. “I was out of school, I [went into] debt, I had to figure out things I never would’ve had to if this girl didn’t lie. I just hope that she knows what she’s done. My life will never be the same. I have anxiety, PTSD...I can’t talk to girls the same because I did noting wrong. Everything has been altered because of this situation.”

In closing, the former student gave a special thanks to the court, given the racial breakdown of the case. “I’m sure you know in this country things don’t always go our way so I’m just glad it did.”

See video of the victim's statement below.

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Michigan Judge Refuses To Release Black Teen Jailed For Not Doing School Work

A Michigan judge has refused to release a 15-year-old Black girl who was jailed for failing to complete her online school work. On Monday (July 20), Judge Mary Brennan denied a motion to release the teen who has been locked up at a juvenile facility since May.

According to Pro Publica, the teen’s lawyer argued that she hasn't received adequate education and proper support while in the facility. Judge Brennan believes that the girl has a ways to go before she can be released.

“I think you are exactly where you are supposed to be,” Brennan said. “You are blooming there, but there’s more work to be done.”

During the hourlong hearing, the girl and her mother were allowed to embrace for the first time in months due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“This morning for you, respectfully, it is going to get worse before it gets better,” Judge Brennan told the high school sophomore before going through her reported history of bad behavior. “Because I am about over all the crap, all the negative, all the prior attempts at helping I am going through it all.”

Judge Brennan’s husband, attorney Ed Lennon, defended her decision. Lennon claims that the public is being “misled” about why the girl is in juvenile detention, and implied that she is a danger to her mother.

The teen, who has ADHD, was previously arrested for assault and theft after reportedly biting her mother and pulling her hair, along with stealing a fellow student’s cell phone. She was taken into custody after it was determined that she violated her probation by not completing her school work.

In March, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued an executive order temporarily suspending juvenile confinement unless the person poses a “substantial and immediate” risk to others.

As many students around the globe are adjusting to at-home learning in wake of the pandemic, some are falling behind in their studies. According to a new report, at least 800,000 students lack access to reliable internet, making it difficult to access to learning materials.


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Hanging Death Of Robert Fuller Ruled A Suicide

The hanging death of Robert Fuller has been ruled a suicide, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department announced last Thursday (July 9).

The conclusion was based on evidence at the scene, physical logistics, information from family, lack of evidence ruling out a suicide, and “clinically-documented statements of suicidal intent” made by Fuller years earlier, per a news release from the LASD.

Jason Hicks, an attorney representing Fuller’s family affirmed the results of the investigation. “I don’t have any evidence found to contradict the ruling that his death was a suicide,” Hicks told the press last week.

Members of Fuller’s family  previously alluded to a racist message found beneath his feet, but Hicks reiterated that the incident was not a hate crime. “There were no racist sentiments, no symbols or anything in the area, so we don’t have any information to suggest that it was a hate crime.”

Fuller, 24, was found hanging from a tree outside of City Hall in Palmdale, Calif., last month. His death sparked outrage and protests, and was one of several recent hanging deaths of Black males, including a teen found hanging in front of a Texas elementary school. The Harris County Sheriff's Office said that the death was believed to be a  suicide.

Malcolm Harsch, whose death was confirmed to be a suicide, was found hanging from a tree in Victorville, Calif. in May. Another Black man, 27-year-old Dominique Alexander, was found hanging from a tree in the Bronx on June 9. A petition  has been launched calling for a federal investigation into Alexander's death.

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San Francisco Lawmaker Proposes CAREN Act To Criminalize Racist 911 Calls

A California lawmaker introduced an ordinance that could criminalize racist 911 calls. San Francisco supervisor Shamann Walton presented the CAREN Act during a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday (July 7).

“Racist calls are unacceptable,” Walton tweeted. “That’s why I’m introducing the CAREN Act at today’s SF Board of Supervisors meeting. This is the CAREN we need. Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies.

Racist 911 calls are unacceptable that's why I'm introducing the CAREN Act at today’s SF Board of Supervisors meeting. This is the CAREN we need. Caution Against Racially Exploitative Non-Emergencies. #CARENact #sanfrancisco

— Shamann Walton (@shamannwalton) July 7, 2020

The measure is similar to a bill proposed by a New York Senator in 2018, and another proposed by California Assembly member Rob Banta last month to help end “discriminatory 911 calls motivated by an individual’s race, religion, sex, or any other protected class by designating such reports as a hate crime.”

Making a false police report is a criminal misdemeanor offense under California law, but there is currently no legislation criminalizing discriminatory 911 calls.

In related news, a white New Yorker named Amy Cooper could face criminal charges for calling 911 on a birdwatching Black man in Central Park after he informed her that her dog needed to be leashed. Chris Cooper, who has no relation to Amy Cooper, filmed the viral video in May. However, Chris has refused to cooperate with the District Attorney efforts to bring charges against Amy because she “already paid a steep price,” and “Bringing her more misery just seems liking pilling on.”

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