Idris Elba Responds To ‘James Bond’ Rumor With Teasing Tweet


There have been rampant rumors about Idris Elba donning the famous tuxedo to play iconic Secret Service agent James Bond in an upcoming film. Now, the actor is adding some more fuel to the flame with cryptic tweets that are sending fans into a tailspin.

“My name’s Elba, Idris Elba,” the actor wrote on the social media site on Sunday (August 12). As movie fans know, this is an obvious nod to 007’s famous line, and it’s been used in various Bond films. However, a few hours later, Elba sent out a tweet of a photo of rap group Public Enemy and a separate tweet that read “Don’t believe the HYPE…”

While there have not been any confirmations about Elba’s role as the film franchise’s titular character, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli recently sat down with Antoine Fuqua and discussed the need to bring more diversity into the film, starting with its main character.

“Idris could do it if he was in shape,” Fuqua revealed. “You need a guy with physically strong presence. Idris has that.”

“I mean what do we have to do here? We have to wear beautiful suits, drive nice cars, chase bad guys and date beautiful women? I dunno, sounds good to me,” Elba said in 2014 about the possibility and “honor” of one day playing James Bond.

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