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‘Insecure”s Show-Within-A-Show ‘Kev’yn’ Is Now Available To Watch Online

Much like Season Two of Issa Rae’s HBO series Insecure, Season features an attention-grabbing show-within-the-show that members of the Insecure universe enjoy throughout the series. This year, Kev’yn is an ode to the ’90s featuring some black sitcom staples, and fans of Insecure can watch as well.

That’s right- episodes of Kev’yn, which stars “Jermain Johnson” (Bill Bellamy), “Monique Lewis” (Living Single’s Erika Alexander), and “William Grant Jr.” (A Different World’s Darryl M. Bell)- can be watched online.

The show, which appears to be a parody of the classic ’90s sitcoms Martin, has two episodes available on HBO’s website. The first episode features Kev’yn (Johnson/Bellamy) and Percy (Grant Jr./Bell) exploring gender roles, while the second “reboot” titled “Colin Kaepernicca” / “Black Wives Matter” examines protesting in America as well as social issues.

“Watching all these shows get rebooted like Roseanne and Will & Grace, Full House now they’re talking about rebooting Alf — we were like, ‘Damn where are the black reboots? I don’t wanna hear about another reboot until they bring back Girlfriends or whatever!'” said Insecure’s executive producer Prentice Penny about the idea for the in-show series, which is both an homage and a commentary on the state of TV today.

Watch the short episodes below. We can’t wait to see what other topics Kev’yn will explore in the future.

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