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Jermaine Dupri Explains Why He Went Vegan In New PETA Ad

Stripping yourself of pizza or the 4 for $4 menu at Wendy’s might seem unorthodox, but living life without greasy goods seems to be working out for the majority of the world. Over 350 million people are vegetarians but veganism is quickly finding it’s way to the hearts of many like Jermaine Dupri, who shared his vegan journey in PETA’s latest ad.

Shared Thursday (Aug. 23), Dupri opened up about his vegan lifestyle, which started out of curiosity. “My vegan story started when I went on a master cleanse for 25 days,” the award-winning producer said in a video accompanying his ad. “The energy and the way I felt, I was trying to figure out at that point how I can keep that same feeling and people told me to go vegan. I just went fully into the vegan lifestyle and here I am 12 years later.”

While other celebrities have doubled down on protecting animals as a reason for their switch, Dupri placed heavy emphasis on how going vegan boosted his energy.

“I feel like anybody that has a problem with their energy level being right—tired all the time—you can definitely feel the difference,” he said. “A vegan lifestyle puts you on that track to just be healthy. That’s the lifestyle that you have to take on.”

Other celebs like Erykah Badu, Larenz Tate, Andre 3000 and Janet Jackson have also advocated for a vegan lifestyle.

“The vegan lifestyle to me is the best lifestyle,” Dupri said. “I wanna get the world into it.”

Check out his video with PETA below.

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