Lil Boosie Thinks R. Kelly, Usher, Bill Cosby And Russell Simmons Are Innocent

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Lil Boosie sat down for an on-camera interview with VLAD TV Monday (Aug.27) to give his thoughts on R. Kelly, Russell Simmons, Usher and Bill Cosby. When asked why was Playboy CEO Hugh Hefner lauded for his behavior with underage women and not R. Kelly, the Baton Rouge native said a larger issue was at play.

“When people put a black cloud over your head, that motherf**ker is hard to get off. That’s what happened to R.Kelly, man…If that was a regular R&B artist who had legal girls, it wouldn’t be nothing, but it’s R.Kelly. He had a black cloud over his head that’s why that do that to that man. Now you want to take his music off Spotify. I got mad. I got in my feelings. I put a post up on Instagram ‘How the f**k you gonna f**k with that man’s music!?’ Now you going too far, man.”

Boosie, real name Torrence Hatch Jr., repeatedly referred to Kelly as “The King” and even went onto say most African-Americans were conceived to Kelly’s music.

“Half of everybody was made by R.Kelly. I know my race was made by R. Kelly. Keith Sweat and R. Kelly…How y’all going to take his music off  [Spotify]? Y’all motherf**kers trippin’ .”

As the interview progressed, Vlad mentioned Bill Cosby’s conviction, to which Boosie shook his head in disappointment and made a plea to jurors stating that male celebrity figures don’t have to rape a woman in order to have sex with them.

“I’m talking to the jury. Every night a celebrity has women that offer themselves to them, offer their lovin’ to them, beautiful women. N****s don’t have to grab arms, we don’t have to do that because women are infatuated with us.”

Boosie outdid himself with this interview. Watch the full clip below.

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