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Nicki Minaj And Funk Flex Hash Out Issues During Hot 97 Interview

Nicki Minaj and Funkmaster Flex were finally able to hash out their issues during a lengthy interview on Hot 97 Tuesday morning (Aug. 14). During the conversation, the New Yorkers discussed the Queen rapper being held to a higher standard because of her legacy, her music being “lazy” and much more.

“Do you feel I was attacking you?” asked Flex at the beginning of the interview with the Head Barb in Charge. “I was being opinionated about your music, I’ve always been a fan of your music.” Nicki believes that when people have problems with her, she thinks it’s more personal and not an issue with her music.

“Whenever people give me constructive criticism…I have an issue when the criticism is from a bad place,” she revealed. “I know there’s a lot of people who are paid…”

Flex says that many of his issues with Nicki’s music stems from her becoming more commercial, and that the commercial success caused her to become lazy.

“There were a couple songs that got super commercial,” he noted. “I maybe felt like you didn’t have it…Imay have felt like you were getting a little lazy with the music.” However, he notes that “Chun-Li” turned it all around for him.

Nicki also discussed a conversation she had with JAY-Z a few years back about how to handle criticism.

“’They’re always gonna hold you to a higher standard,'” he reportedly told her. “‘They measure everything by you…they used to do the same thing to me.'” Elsewhere in the interview, Nicki discusses her influences, her relationships with Meek Mill and Safaree, and much more.

Watch the nearly-90 minute chat below.

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