Phoenix Father Charged With Murder After Man Tried To Enter Daughter’s Bathroom Stall


A 40-year-old Phoenix father faces second-degree murder charges for beating a man who reportedly tried to enter his daughter’s bathroom stall.

According to reports, Melvin Harris picked up his 16-year-old daughter and her two friends after work. Harris’ daughter asked her father to make a stop at the local QuikTrip convenience for a bathroom break and to purchase soda. While inside the bathroom, the teen said a man entered the bathroom shaking the stall door trying to enter.

Court documents show Harris and his daughter informed management and security about the man police have identified as Leon Leevon Armstrong. Documents also detail Harris telling security to “take care of the situation, or he would do it himself.”

As Harris drove off he saw Armstrong and confronted him. While Harris admits that Armstrong swung first, witnesses tell police Harris punched, stomped and hit Armstrong repeatedly. Armstrong, whose criminal history includes trespassing and shoplifting, suffered a nasal fracture, a loss of oxygen and brain swelling.

Harris’ fiance Diana Jackson says she doesn’t think Harris should be in jail for protecting his daughter.

“I would have done the same thing. I don’t feel bad at all for his actions. I feel bad that the man ended up dying in the process. I do,” said Jackson.

Harris is being held on $100,000 bond.

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