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Polaroid Originals Launches New OneStep + Integrative Camera

Polaroid Originals will be releasing a new camera this fall. The brand-new Polaroid OneStep+ camera will be a re-up from the original 1977 OneStep camera and 2017 OneStep 2 rendition.

Paying homage to the iconic design of the original OneStep camera, the OS+ will seamlessly combine film nostalgia and the digital era. Paired with the introduction of a new app, the OS+ camera will unlock 6 new features including Remote Trigger, Double Exposure, Light Painting, Self-Timer, Manual Mode and Noise Trigger. In addition, the camera itself has been upgraded to include a secondary portrait lens, allowing users to grab the perfect image from as close as 12 inches away.

OneStep+ elevates the art of analog instant photography through simple Bluetooth connectivity. From Light Painting mode to Noise Trigger, users are able to capture moments in the iconic Polaroid picture frame unlike ever before.

Both faster and more precise, the Polaroid app will also feature a scanning tool, allowing users to scan and crop images as quickly as they took them.

By creating the OneStep +, Polaroid Originals encourages the casual photographer to explore, discover, be expressive and have fun. Retailing at $159.99, the OneStep+ is now available for purchase here.

CREDIT: Polaroid Originals
CREDIT: Polaroid Originals

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