Premiere: Translee Recreates Freedom Riders And “Freedom Summer” In New Video

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Ever since taking a leap of faith with his rookie mixtape Who is Translee back in 2009, Huntsville, AL.-raised MC Translee has consistently with delivering progressive content that touches on everything from God, love, and freedom.

Speaking of liberation, today (Aug. 28), the Grand Hustle signee released his brand new project titled, Freedom Summer, along with an accompanying video for the lead single of the same name.  

In the Karl “KB” Benion-directed video,  Translee, and several passengers, find themselves having fun on a school bus, smoking Mary Jane, dancing, and enjoying drinks. A cop interrupts the party, and wrestles Translee off the bus. However, the passengers distract the cop, which allows Translee to get away.

The visual for “Freedom Summer” is about freeing yourself from the status quo and regaining control over your vices–be and, think for yourself,” Translee said via e-mail.

Capping at nine songs, Freedom Summer is Translee’s first LP since 2016’s M.A.O.T.P. pt. 1, and  features cameos from Tip, B.o.B., Omar Hardwick, and others.

Translee first caught the attention of Atlanta producer Mr. Collipark right before his the release of his 2014 project Cultur3 Junky. Since then, he has worked with K. Camp on “Somebody’s Girl.” He also showed up on T.I.’s, Us or Else: Letter to the System, on songs “Ahh No No,” “Writer” and “Letter to the System.”

Freedom Summer, which is also known as Mississippi Freedom Summer (MFS) of 1964, was sponsored by Congress on Racial Equality, and Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee. MFS aimed to register black voters in the state of Mississippi. Also, in 1961, Freedom Riders, which also inspired Translee’s video, were a group activists who  participated in bus trips through the Deep South to protest segregated bus terminals.

Watch the video above, and stream Freedom Summer below.

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