Reebok Teases August Collection for ‘Alter The Icons’ Sneaker


Reebok’s “Alter the Icons” Collection launched in July and will continue into August with bold mash-ups of Reebok’s Classic Leather and Workout Plus. The collection’s new colors and silhouettes celebrate the most iconic Reebok sneakers, flipping the hardware of retro designs while nodding to the history of the brand in a modern way.

Young designers, Craig Howard and Xavier Jones created the shoes with the sentiment of fusing an alternative spin on Reebok’s classic trends. “I want people to wear it and be proud of wearing it but also, as we are being disruptive with this product, I want people to do the same thing,” says Howard. “Wear whatever, even if it’s crazy or doesn’t match just express yourself and have fun with it.”

On top of pushing a new look for the classic shoe, Reebok is highlighting musicians who are disrupting hip-hop, labeling the artists as game changers in their own right. The altered icons embody how accomplishment isn’t always a straight and narrow path – there are choices you make and unplanned routes that can get you to the pursuit of your passions. Reebok says of the partnership: “We chose to work with artists who are regionally relevant, have style credibility, and are on the rise in their industries, and are doing so by taking paths alternative to the traditional routes. Their stories inspired us and our designers to imagine new, altered versions of our iconic product.”

The young, future icons, Jay IDK, MadeinTYO, Saweetie, Lil Baby, and Bodega Bamz, are representing the collection by complementing the brand message of defying convention and altering their journey to success. Spanish Harlem-bred recording artist, Bodega Bamz narrates the video below saying, “A big thing about us is that we’re proud to be who we are and where we come from—we’re proud of every era we have in our life.” The message continues this month with the collection showcasing vibrant colors and diversified logos from the ’80s and ’90s.

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