Shots Fired On Set Of 50 Cent’s And Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Music Video

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Gunfire rang out on the set of 50 Cent and Tekashi¬†6ix 9ine’s Brooklyn video shoot Tuesday night (Aug. 14).

According to TMZ, while the two were filming, an assailant (s) in a white Porsche with New Jersey plates started shooting, firing off 11 rounds. According to the shell casings found on set, the bullets belonged to a 9 mm semi-automatic weapon. No one was reportedly injured.

Along with Tekashi¬†and 50 Cent, Casanova and Uncle Murda were reportedly on set. Sources close to the “Fefe” rapper say the shooter wasn’t targeting the rapper, but law enforcement hasn’t confirmed that suspicion.

Police are currently reviewing surveillance footage, but at this time no one has been taken into custody.

It seems as if danger follows the colorful-hair rapper. In July, Tekashi was robbed, kidnapped and held at gunpoint. Reportedly he was able to avail the kidnappers by jumping out of the car they drove and getting into another car of someone driving by. Tekashi was taken to a nearby hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

TMZ reports Tekashi stopped cooperating with police.

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