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T.I.’s Ex-Employees File Another Lawsuit Against Him

T.I. stays getting caught in lawsuits surrounding his now shut-down Atlanta Restaurant Scales 925.

Earlier this year, T.I. and his partner, Chris Hughes, settled a lawsuit filed by former employees Avery Lee, Kyle Vargas, Khori Vargas, and Shawn Yarborough accusing the two of violating Fair Labor Standards Act through uncompensated overtime pay.

Under the settlement, T.I. and his partners agreed to pay a total of $78,000 to settle the case, with $43,000 covering the employees’ legal bills in addition to the $35,000 in back pay and money damages. As a result, the ex-employees reportedly accepted settlement terms which included not suing T.I., his partners, or Scales 925 ever again.

In light of recent news, neither party kept their word.

According to The Blastthe same group of ex-employees has filed yet another federal lawsuit, this time accusing T.I. of fraudulently transferring $40,000 to himself and his business partners instead of paying off the previous settlement.

The new lawsuit states that T.I. has been hiding $40k worth of settlement money from their creditors and kept the asset for his personal use. The ex-employees claim that since T.I. has only paid them a portion of what was owed, the $40,000 should have gone to them.

Though the restaurant closed its doors in 2016, this marks the third Scales 925 lawsuit this year.

T.I. has yet to respond.

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