50 Cent Blames Machine Gun Kelly For Eminem’s YouTube Record


Is it fair to blame someone’s arch nemesis for their success? 50 Cent seems to think so as he recently weighed in on Eminem’s latest record-breaking moment on YouTube with the release of his recent battle rap song, “Killshot,” aimed directly at Machine Gun Kelly.

Em’s response to MGK ‘s “Rap Devil” arrived on September 14. And during the song’s first 24 hours on YouTube it spawned 38.1 million view, reports HipHopDX. Subsequently, the song garnered YouTube’s biggest hip hop debut, and third overall biggest debut on the platform in general.

At press time, “Killshot” has 89,445,326 views in total. Amid the accolade, the Power show creator is blaming the MGK for Em’s triumph. He recently got an Instagram and captioned a shared photo of Eminem writing:

“Man do you see this sh*t,” he wrote. “Think about it the Biggest hip hop song on youtube. now everybody gotta take a L because of MGK. what the f**k, we didn’t have anything to do with this shit. Damn, how many times yal was playing that sh*t. LOL get the strap.”

Yet Machine Gun Kelly has some other choice words for Eminem at his recent visit to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club,  here’s how the Cleveland rapper responded when asked about “Killshot” “It’s a six for me, dog,” he said. “Killshot’ was a leg shot. With ‘Rap Devil,’ we’re talking about facts while you want to talk about man buns? Answer the fucking facts. I’m an actor homie, how disconnected are you? You called me a mumble rapper. Let’s pour some out for this old dumbass.”

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