911 Operator Questions BBQ Becky’s Mental Stability In Newly Released Call


Jennifer Schulte, better known as BBQ Becky went viral four months ago for all the reasons a person shouldn’t go viral on social media. Shulte called 911 on two men barbecuing in Oakland, California’s Lake Merrit park. The phone call, which prompted police to arrive at the scene, ignited conversation on social media about white people calling authorities on African-Americans for seemingly everyday occurrences.

On Friday (Aug. 31) the 911 calls BBQ Becky made were released. In the first call, Schulte requests that police are called to the park to shut down the cookout to save children from potentially being burned by the coal.

“I’d like to report that someone is illegally using a charcoal grill in a non-designated area in Lake Merritt Park near Cleveland Cascade. I’d like it dealt with immediately so that coals don’t burn more children and we have to pay more taxes.”

The male dispatcher than asks Schulte for a description of the men she’s calling about and whether or not she’d like police to arrive. The call, which lasts about two minutes, is then categorized as “No Further Description” NFD and given a low priority. When she calls back, another dispatcher, this time a woman, picks up the phone and is confused by her call.

The female dispatcher can be heard asking who the people in the background are. About a third of the way through the call, the dispatcher asks Schulte for her name which she is initially reluctant to give, but eventually, acquiesce’s to the request. When asked what her race is, she said “My race doesn’t matter,” which prompted the caller to question her mental stability.

Schulte: “It doesn’t matter. I want the police to come I’ve been waiting two hours for them.”

Dispatcher: “How are they going to find you?”

Schulte: “They usually call your cell phone when they’re here.”

Dispatcher: “I’m talking to you right now. Have you ever been to John George?”

Schulte: “What’s John George?”

Dispatcher: “It’s a mental facility.”

Schulte: “No!”

Dispatcher: “Ok, then. Please answer my question. They’re coming to you right now.”

BBQ Becky was one of the first of many white women to call police on black women for either sleeping in a common area on Yale’s campus, selling bottles of water outside of a building.

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