A Florida Inmate Killed His Cellmate Then Wore His Mutilated Ears As A Necklace


A Florida inmate grew irritated with his cellmate’s pestering and thus strangled him. Once dead, he mutilated the corpse by gouging out his eyeballs and wearing the dead man’s ears as a necklace. The murder, which took place prior to breakfast, was discovered only when the prisoner showed off the necklace to other inmates in the chow hall.

According to the Miami Herald, the gruesome murder happened early Thursday morning, hours before a gang brawl took place in another building on the prison grounds. The melee between the Bloods and the Cutthroats, which involved both sides stabbing the other, reportedly occurred over ownership of smuggled contraband.

The early morning murder took place in the prison’s annex, a building separate from where the gang-related fight took place later in the day. The annex and main building are run as two separate prisons, but part of the same correctional facility which houses 3,000 inmates.

A spokesman for the Department of Corrections identified the victim as 58-year-old Larry Mark. Mark was serving a life sentence for a 1981 murder. According to reports, when Mark was 20, he and a co-defendant hailed a taxi then crushed the driver’s skull after repeated blows with a blunt object and walked away with $35 and a wedding ring.

The spokesman, however, did not identify Mark’s murderer or the circumstances which led to his death. Per sources, the killer placed Mark’s eyeballs in a cup in his cell and told other inmates he planned on eating them later on.

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