Adele Givens Explains Her Feature On Kanye West And Lil Pump’s “I Love It”


Often praised for atypical but well-suited samples on some of his most famous tracks, Kanye West really dug through the archives for the inclusion of Queen of Comedy Adele Givens on his latest release with Lil Pump, “I Love It.”

Sampling lines from a 1992 recording of Def Jam Comedy, Givens recently spoke with Billboard to explain the inspiration behind the original skit, her phone call with Kanye and filming the viral music video. Though Kanye and Givens both grew up on the west side of Chicago, the two hadn’t met until they were on set of So Def Comedy back when it was on air and in Los Angeles – but Kanye was too shy to express he was a fan.

It wasn’t until one of Kanye’s producers called Givens to inquire about her inclusion on the song when she learned he followed her work. “[They asked me if] I’d want to recreate something I did on Def Comedy Jam” Givens told the publication. “They sent the song and I couldn’t help but laugh. Kanye later called and told me the concept of the video and it was even more creative, so I said, of course, I’d love to and that’s how it happened.”

According to the actress and comedian, she knows the song is all fun and games and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Turning to her husband for final approval, Givens went ahead and did the line in confidence (even though she was probably going to do it anyway).

“I vividly remember writing all of that stuff back then because I kind of wrote it with a rebellious attitude,” she said. “When I got in the world of comedy…people would say to me, ‘Well, you probably need to tone it down. A lady can’t be received in this way.’ But I’d be damned if somebody is going to lecture me on how to be a lady, so I came up with that, ‘I’m such a f**king lady line.’ I had a lot of material to shock and let people know not to f**k with me. I’m a lady and I say what I want to say.”

In transitioning from a west side rebel to global sensation, Givens is shocked. Never expecting to garner so much attention to the particular lines featured, the comedian is extremely happy to work with Kanye but leaves it at that.

“I don’t follow the industry like that,” she admits. “I left the video and went straight to doing five shows.”

Givens is currently on her LIT AF Tour with Martin Lawrence.

Check out her original skit below.

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