Alaska Man Receives No Jail Time After Kidnapping, Suffocating And Masturbating On Victim


Boys and girls gather round for today we will discuss privilege, namely white male privilege and how it only works if you’re a (you guessed it) white male.

According to KTV, 34-year-old Justin Schneider walked out of an Alaskan courtroom last week after striking a plea deal with the state. A grand jury indicted Schneider on four felony charges including kidnapping, assault and one misdemeanor count of Harassment 1-offensive contact with fluids-for an Aug. 27 sexual assault in which he strangled a woman then masturbated on her as she was unconscious.

Per the deal, Schneider pled guilty to one felony assault charge in exchange for a two-year sentence with one year suspended. He received credit for time served and evaded jail.

KTVA previously reported a criminal complaint against Schneider was filed by the victim who met him at a gas station looking for a ride to Muldoon. A man later identified as Schneider pulled up in a white SUV and introduced himself as “Dan” and offered the woman a ride.

“(The victim) said that she had never met the man in her life prior to this encounter, and nothing else about their encounter involved drugs, sex or money, or sex for money,” Detective Brett  Sarber wrote.

Instead of heading to the victim’s desired location, Schneider drove to 36th Avenue and Turnagain Street where they were stopped by road construction. A construction worker later recalled seeing Schneider and the victim when questioned by local police.

Schneider reportedly drove to another area where he asked the victim to get out of the SUV and help him load items. It was there the victim says she was “full-on attacked,”  by Schneider who shoved her to the ground and strangled her with both hands before she lost consciousness.


“She said she could not fight him off, he was too heavy and had her down being choked to death,” Sarber wrote. “(The victim) said she lost consciousness, thinking she was going to die.”

When the victim came to she saw Schneider zipping up his pants. He handed her a tissue, which was later used as evidence. “The man told her that he wasn’t really going to kill her, that he needed her to believe she was going to die so that he could be sexually fulfilled,” Sarber wrote.

Prosecutor Andrew Grannik said in court Wednesday (Sept. 19) the decision to let Schneider go was “a pass”

“But I would like the gentleman to be on notice that this is his one pass. It’s not really a pass, but given the conduct, one might consider that it is.”

This is America…don’t catch you slippin’ up.