Amber Rose Is Tired Of People Defending The Bill Cosby’s Of The World


Bill Cosby’s conviction and subsequent prison sentence has caused a divide. There are a some who–despite the more than a dozen women who have come forward–don’t believe the disgraced comic is guilty. While there are others who not only believe his guilt but are sickened by those who do not. Author and activist Amber Rose is the latter.

Following Cosby’s sentencing, Rose took to Instagram to give her two cents on the matter stating she hopes he serves the entire 10 years for his crime and dies upon release. The comment merited backlash from a few online including Rel comedian Jess Hilarious.

“You’re a f——-g idiot for that,” Jess said “I understand you standing up for women like you always want to do, but this so-called moment that you trying to have, b***h, you f—ed it all when you wished death on that man after he do 10 years. You sound stupid.”

Rose didn’t immediately respond to Jess, but on Sunday (Sept. 30) she took to her own social media to clarify her response and double down on her thoughts about Bill Cosby and all rape apologists.

“FOH Stand up for a rapist if y’all want to. I said what the f–k I said,” Rose captioned.

Ms. Rose doesn’t care about your opinion of her, or your attempts to bring up her stripper past. She said what she said.

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